The Besides Surgery Club

“The Besides Surgery Club” is my personal blog, created for all persons interested in the equipoise between the surgical and non-surgical management of various orthopaedic and sports medicine pathologies

Based on my personal experience as clinical researcher, I noticed the uncertainty of researchers and clinicians about the effectiveness of both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for specific pathologies, as well as the uncertainty about the patients’ characteristics that may predict the success or failure of surgical and non-surgical treatment options. The surprising element is, however, that high-evidence publications are available in the scientific literature, but they are (not always) well known by professionals working in the clinical field, that is, medical doctors, physical and sports therapists and clinical researchers.

In this blog I will therefore try to share this information on a unique platform, posting peer-reviewed articles that have been published in high-impact scientific journals. I will first start sharing publications, which investigated the effectiveness of surgical and non-surgical managements for hip and knee pathologies, which are the conditions that I know best. In a second phase, I will try to enlarge my spectrum of pathologies to the upper extremities and spine.

I will share publications based on my personal choice, without using standard selection criteria. The quality of the posted publications will be based on the impact factor and prestige of the peer-reviewed journals where the studies were published. For each posted publication, I will provide a very brief summary in plain English together with the study abstract, as well as a direct link to the full-text article. The access of the full-text is not guaranteed, as some studies are open access, while others require a subscription to the journal.

The information that I will share on this blog could be seen as a continuous education platform for medical doctors, physical and sports therapists, which may hardly find the time to periodically screen and read the vast number of scientific journals and publications of their interest. Moreover, this blog may also be of interest for medical and physical therapist students as a source of ideas for developing research questions in the fields of orthopaedics and sports medicine. Lastly, this platform may also be of interest for medical insurance professionals involved in the decision-making process about reimbursement of clinical services based on the available scientific evidence.

Do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form and do not forget to sign up to “The Besides Surgery Club” newsletter. I hope you will enjoy reading and following my blog.

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